Speech Surgery

Your child is having a surgery to help improve speech. Specifically, it will help decrease inappropriate air escape out of the nose. The surgery will rearrange tissue in the back of the throat.

“Pourable Diet” Your child should be on a full liquid or “pourable diet” for two weeks after surgery. This means he/she can eat anything that can be poured.

See the list below for ideas:

  1. Drinks – water, juice, milk, shakes, smoothies (try adding yogurt or protein for extra calories)
  2. Anything that can be pureed in the blender and poured is fine. (Some children like pancakes and syrup or peanut butter and jelly pureed with some milk or yogurt) You can even puree the family’s dinner with a little liquid.

It is important not to put anything hard or sharp in the child’s mouth, so the stitches are not disrupted. Do not use straws. Sip from the side of a spoon.

Your child will have a sore throat for 2 weeks. The first 5-7 days are typically the hardest. Your child will be prescribed a narcotic pain medication to use as needed. This medicine can make your child sleepy. Only use the amount prescribed and monitor your child while they are on this medication.

It is normal for your child to snore after speech surgery. This can last for several months. If your child is having apnea (pauses in breathing), let your doctor know.

Your child should see the surgeon 2 weeks after surgery.

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