Laryngeal Papilloma Removal

Laryngeal papilloma is one of the most common lesions or growths that can occur on the vocal cords. The papillomas are a type of viral wart. When small, they cause simple hoarseness. When large, they can obstruct the airway and cause severe breathing problems. The condition can initially be diagnosed in the office with a flexible laryngoscopy. The diagnosis is confirmed with biopsy at the time of surgery. Care must be taken in the removal of these lesions to avoid damage to the vocal cords. We utilize microscopic instruments and techniques to treat these lesions. We also utilize the microdebrider which is a recent advance in the treatement of these lesions. We have also been utilizing injection of Cidofovir in selected cases. This is an antiviral agent which has been shown to slow regrowth of the lesions in some cases. All laryngeal papillomas grow back and recur regardless of how they are removed. All of these patients require close follow up and multiple procedures. The care of each patient must be tailored specifically to that child.

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