Enlarged Adenoids and Adenoidectomy Surgery

The adenoid tissue is lymphoid tissue (similar to tonsils), which is located directly behind the nose in an area called the Nasopharynx. Enlarged adenoid tissue can lead to chronic nasal congestion, chronic ear infections and chronic sinus infections. Removal of the adenoid tissue, known as adenoidectomy, is a common and relatively simple procedure.

The procedure is performed under a general anesthetic with an anesthesiologist and lasts about 30 or 35 minutes. The adenoid tissue is reached thru the mouth with curved instruments and either removed with a curette or shrunk down with a cautery or coblation device.

Children are generally discharged home about 1 –2 hours after surgery. A mild pain lasts 1-3 days and can easily be controlled with Tylenol. No dietary restrictions are needed. We recommend no nose blowing or rough activity for 1 week. Follow-up in our office should be between 2 and 4 weeks following surgery. Occasionally (about 5-10 % of the time), adenoid tissue can re-grow after 1-3 years.

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