Closed Nasal Reduction

Post-operative care after closed reduction of nasal fracture:

  1. You should anticipate returning to our office about 7 days after the procedure. If this is not already scheduled, please call our office to make this post-operative appointment. This is to remove the cast (and packing if present).
  2. You may take the prescribed pain medicines after surgery, or you can try Ibuprofen and/or Tylenol. Usually pain is only mild at worst after this procedure. If is it severe, this is abnormal and we want to know about it.
  3. Avoid vigorous exercise or participating in any activities that would cause you to sweat the cast off until the cast is removed one week after the procedure.
  4. Please also avoid getting water on the cast as it only remains attached to the skin by a topical adhesive. This usually makes showering a challenge – keep the head bent backwards so no water runs on or under the cast.
  5. It takes 6 weeks for the fractured nasal bones to become solid again. During this time, avoid re-injury to the nose. If you participate in a sport that would potentially re-injure your nose, we suggest you purchase a nose-guard face protector. They can be purchased online or fashioned by a prosthetics specialist.
  6. You may blow your nose gently after surgery.
  7. Use any saline nasal spray (Ocean Nasal Spray, Simply Saline, etc.), two to four times per day to help cleanse your nose and keep the crusting in the nose soft.

Please contact us for any emergencies or postoperative problems or concerns.