Laryngotracheal Reconstruction

(Including Cricotracheal Reconstruction)

Laryngotracheal reconstruction is necessary for the treatment of severe subglottic stenosis or narrowing of the breathing passage below the vocal cords. It is generally performed in attempt to remove a child’s tracheostomy tube or to prevent placement of a tracheostomy tube. Sometimes the airway is reconstructed with a patient’s own rib cartilage and sometimes not. Some are performed as single stage procedures which means an existing tracheostomy was removed at the time of surgery and a breathing tube is left in place through the nose or mouth for 3-14 days following surgery. Sometimes the procedure is performed in two stages where the tracheostomy tube is left in position following surgery in hopes it will be removed at a later date when the airway is healed and patent. Each procedure must be tailored to the individual patient. Our physicians have extensive experience with these procedures.

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